Focus On The Professions Of The Construction Industry

The building and public works sector is a lever for the economy of France and even of many European countries. It is a field that invests in the design and construction of both public and private buildings. Thus, various trades related to construction are gathered in this economic sector, such as real estate development, civil engineering, public works, etc.

Indeed, this sector currently counts about 536,000 French companies, or 1.4 million employees, which provides 170 billion euros in turnover. Moreover, this is a sector in which recruitment prospects are favorable. Here are the jobs that construction engineers can do.

Specialized construction


This is one of the sectors in the building and public works industry that brings together different trades such as

1. The electrician

A construction company is in charge of all electrical installations during a construction site, respecting the safety standards governing this field and the safety of workers using electrical equipment. They have the necessary skills to carry out their job.

2. Carpenter


They are in charge of the manufacturing and installing wood, metal, etc., carpentry. They can also do carpentry.

3. The plasterer

They are in charge of the preparation of the plaster. They intervene after the carpenter and the mason finish their work. The plasterer must be quick in their job because they work with a material that is more or less thick and dries quickly. They also repair walls or ceilings in case of imperfections or when the plaster comes off.

4. Plumber


As the name suggests, the plumber does plumbing work, such as installing sewage pipes. The plumber and the plasterer often work together because after various installations, the wells are dug, and it is there that the intervention of the plasterer is useful.

5. The painter

This professional intervenes in the finishing of a construction project. According to their client’s requests, they paint the whole building from the outside to the inside.

The construction and the real estate promotion


The real estate developer and the general contractor are part of this branch.

The real estate developer takes care of all the steps of a real estate operation. They also study the land on which the house will be built. In addition to that, they take care of the general organization of the construction and control the work done by the people grouped in the specialized construction branch.

The general contractor: They commit themselves to a contract with the client, in which the cost of the work and the duration of the realization have been defined in advance. Furthermore, the general contractor chooses and coordinates the service providers with whom they collaborate. They are not the project manager, as the latter has only partial responsibility for the project and does not sign a contract.

Civil engineering and public works


It is a branch gathering various skills such as

  • The technical operations manager: This professional guarantees the technical management of tasks related to major works, from start to finish. When necessary, they also have the right to give orders to the various participants, such as the carpenter, the plumber, and the electrician.
  • The construction engineer: otherwise known as the project manager, ensures the proper management of the various stages of construction, from the drawing up of the plans to the final touch. The works engineer must also guarantee the quality of the work, respect safety standards, and ensure the proper functioning of the various operations undertaken. They work closely with the general contractor.

As you can see, there are a plethora of jobs that you can have in the construction industry, and the choice is yours. The construction industry is also a rather lucrative one and might be something that you want to look into. Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next.

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