5 Ideas To Decorate Your Office Cubicle

Having an office job and your own cubicle can be quite dull at times; everyone has their cubicle, and the more time you spend in the office, you start getting bored by the same décor day in and day out. According to health and mental health experts, this is why you should decorate your cubicle to make the workplace seem a little more humane, and this will also act as a motivator when you feel down or under the weather.

Setting up your cubicle can be quite a hassle because you have to be aware of your space but also want to decorate it to make it personal. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out with this! So, without further ado, let’s learn more about home decorating your office cubicle.

Out with the old, in with the new


Okay, before we start with the decoration process, you ought to declutter your cubicle first. This is the time to get rid of all the unnecessary paperwork that has been piled on your desk for a while now. You will most likely won’t be using them and if you do need them, put them in a box that you keep under your table.

At this point, it’s 2022; if you haven’t already, move your paperwork into electronic format, and this will take up less space, and they will be available to you anywhere. Make it a habit to clean your cubicle regularly because if you let things pile up, it will get out of hand before you even notice it.

The perfect balance

You need to be aware that your cubicle isn’t your home, and this is why you need to remember not to take your entire home in your workplace. As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid cluttering your cubicle with too many personal items.

You can add a couple of personal photos and memorabilia of you or your loved ones and show some restraint. When you are decorating your cubicle, moderation is the name of the name and the key to success.

Get a chalkboard


This might sound dumb or even cheesy to some of you, but I have a little chalkboard in my cubicle, and each week I change the quote on it, and it changes according to the book I’m reading that week or a quote that means something to me.

If you can draw, you can draw something new on your chalkboard every week or every time you are stressed out. This is an excellent way to forget about the stress that you currently feel and is a way to ease your mind for a while. As a non-drawer and a writer, I must prefer the quote because I read a lot and I read for a job; for me, writing on my chalkboard is a way for me to remember why I love my job.

Have a color scheme

If you are an older Gen Z like me, then you know the importance of aesthetics and why that is a way to motivate yourself at work. Your average cubicle is usually neutral in color, and you can make it pop out with the right color and accessories. This makes your personal space look more fun and is a way for you to show your personality without people having to talk to you.

It also makes your cubicle stand out in a crowd of a dull-looking cubicle, and it give you a sense that your space is more significant than it already is. Having a decorated cubicle is also a great icebreaker. I personally have some burgundy accents to my cubicle, and you can do this by adding artwork or even books.

Hang framed art or posters.


Okay, this is a bit reminiscent of how I decorated my teenage bedroom and how I still decorate my current room in my condo. The walls of my rooms are covered with movie posters of movies that I adore, and for me, this allows me to personalize my space, and it reminds me that my room is my safe space.

To decorate your cubicle with framed art, you can just have to get picture frames, and you can use the printer to print the pictures that you want. For a more contemporary aesthetic, try buying and adding frames of different sizes, and this will make your cubicle more personal. It is also a way for you to mark your cubicle from the cubicle of your colleagues.

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