3 Feel-Good Shows To Watch After Work

After I had a hard day at work, all I wanted to do was order take-out and put on and watch my comfort show. For me, this is the perfect way to de-stress after a tough and stressful day, my roommate and I have had this tradition since we move in together. Everything either of us comes in a nasty mood; we know the remedy is take-out and binge-watching a TV show.

This was how we fell in love with some of the TV show on our list. This list is purely according to my taste and what shows I like to watch, so don’t feel bad if your favorite show isn’t here. So, without further ado, let’s get into this list of comfort show that you can watch if you had a difficult day at work.

1. Derry Girls


Okay, I love this British comedy, and I can’t wait to watch the third installment of this show which is coming out later this year. So, far there are 2 seasons out with a total of 12 episodes, and you can binge-watch them on Netflix in anticipation of the 3rd season. This is one of the most underrated shows on our list, but my roommate and I swear by it, and it is so fun; it follows a group of rowdy Catholic School girls alongside James (the only male student to attend this all-girls school because he is British).

This serie is set in Ireland in the 1990s, and the show brings you along with the Derry girls and their eccentric activities. They get into all kinds of trouble, from seducing a priest, unintentionally killing a nun, and even holding a holy statue hostage. This series will make you laugh, and you are on a journey with these girls as they discover themselves, and some even discover their sexuality as the story develops.

The show manages to weave the terror and trauma of living in a war-torn Northern Ireland but is also very heartfelt and funny. It tells the normal angst and adventures of teenagedom; get your tissue box ready for the final of season two; you can thank me later for this one.

2. Shameless


It holds the title for the longest Showtime series and has 10 seasons with a total of 122 episodes. It is based on the British drama series, also called Shameless, but this one is set in America, unlike its namesake. If follows the Gallagher family, it tells us what it’s like to be poor in the United States. It is set in Chicago and shows how this specific family struggles and life beneath the poverty line and how they make ends meet.

The Gallagher family is afflicted with drug addiction, poor decision-making, alcoholism, mental illness, and the kind of terrible luck that is often associated with and follows low-income families. If you grew up poor or with a single parent, then you know the struggle of growing up poor and in an impoverished area. However, the show also shows us resilience, determination, and how to break the cycle of poverty. It also shows us how hardworking poor people are and how they struggle with it and try to rise up against their condition. This show is funny, heartbreaking, realistic, and at times will make you ask yourself what the F is going on.

My favorite characters from the show are Debbie, Fiona, Ian, and Mickey. Ian and Mickey’s relationship is the epitome of being funny, and they are such a loveable couple even if their relationship started off on the wrong foot. So, do yourself a favor and watch this show if you haven’t already done it.

3. One Day At A Time


I’m still not over Netflix canceling this show, it was one of my personal favs, and as a first-generation Indian kid with immigrant parents, I could relate to this show so much, be it when they talked about racism or coming out your parents who know pretty much nothing about queerness. This show has a personal space in my heart, and I will never stop watching it. It is always the best show that gets canceled by Netflix. They canceled Day Break, The Society, and even One Day At A Time, and some shows that in my head, no one watches like Emily In Paris and Riverdale are still on air.

But let’s get back to this beloved show of ours; it is a modern reimagination of One Day At A Time and introduces us to the Alvarez family. We follow this family with Cuban roots, and it gives us another perspective that was refreshing when it comes to sitcoms. The show tackled issues of immigration, homophobia, gender identity, illness, and even alcoholism. One Day At A Time embraces the ugly and the imperfection, and this is what makes the show so great. My favorite characters from the shows are Syd, Penelope, Elena, Lydia, Alex, and Schneider, so basically the entire main cast.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what your favorite tv show is.

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