9 Qualities Needed to Be A Good Security Guard

From armed robbery and shoplifting to drunken brawls, security has remained a continual issue for Australian businesses. Security guards stand at the defense of these businesses to ensure that problems like these can be handled effectively and efficiently. The constant possibility of a threat means that security guards need to always be on the ball. So in order to perform their tasks in this way, security guards need to have a particular skillset.

These are the nine qualities you need to so that you can help maintain the security of Australian businesses:


This involves being properly and adequately equipped to handle any situation that comes your way. Suitable clothing, and shoes are necessary to keep you comfortable during surveillance. You will also need essential security gear to be able to communicate, and physically handle any offenders you may face.


This kind of role requires you to work closely with your employer. This means your employer needs to trust you to make the right decisions to protect their business and the general public. So it’s important that you present yourself well so that you can create and maintain this trust.

Quick Reflexes

Being a security guard means that you have to be alert at all times, and be able to assess what is going on around you. Your alertness needs to be reflected in how quickly you are able to react to a potentially dangerous situation. Security guards have to analyse the situation quickly so that they can decide how to address it.


Along with quick reflexes, a security guard must be able to make good judgment calls about whether something is a legitimate threat, and if it is a threat, how big it is. Rationality relies on making sense of each aspect of the situation and being able to predict how it will play out.

Leader and Team Player

Although security guards are rarely seen in groups, in many cases, they work in teams to ensure that the perimeter of a business is completely secure. This involves knowing when to assert yourself, and when you need to follow the orders of someone else. In doing so, your team will be able to work efficiently.


Excellent Communication Skills

Between reporting to your employer, to your teammates, and to the public, you need to be able to explain what you are doing quickly and effectively – everything from your current status to the type of threat you are facing. This ensures that you are able to direct the situation in the safest way possible.

Exceptional Strength and Fitness

There is a definite chance of physical confrontation in this role. Whether you need to outrun a thief or break up a fight, in order to do so you need to have reasonable physical strength and fitness to keep up with offenders.

Value and Respect for Life

The consistent need for physical confrontation means that as a security guard, you will face the issue of how much strength to exert. Especially when approaching a fight, or when being attacked, it is important for security guards to ensure that they make an effort to on subdue the offender(s) and avoid any possibility of injuring the offender(s) or any onlookers.

Education and Training

Most importantly, a security guard needs to have a complete understanding of security operations. These industry standards and practices are necessary for performing all tasks in a professional manner. Being educated and trained for this career ensures that you are able to find and maintain a steady career.

A career in security gives you the opportunity to use many of your natural skills. From your fitness and agility, to your rational thinking, your skills can finally be put to use in this role.

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