Tips For Dealing With A Toxic Boss

It is widespread that the workplace is full of toxic colleagues, but what is worst is having an unprofessional boss. Some workers face burn-outs or other mental health problems without knowing the nature of the problem. This article will go through the different ways to know whether your boss is toxic and how to deal with them professionally.

A Common Phenomenon

While it is hard to deal with a toxic colleague, it is even harder to deal with a toxic boss. You can be surprised to know that there is more toxic boss than good ones out there… Here are some numbers that you may find interesting;

– One on three bosses create a real sense of belonging to the company.

– More than 40 % of workers that filed complaints to the human resource were not confident about it.

– Approximately 30 % of workers are uncomfortable saying ‘no’ to their boss.

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These are some very dire figures. Unpleasant workplaces are extremely stressful, resulting in many health issues among employees. Researchers also discovered that working in a hazardous atmosphere can lead to despair and substance usage.

 It’s not only your job that’s on the line when dealing with a toxic boss. Your health and family life may suffer. With that said, let’s look at the most typical toxic boss warning signs.

6 Signs Your Boss Is Toxic

 Knowing what’s going on is the first step in navigating a hazardous workplace. Unfortunately, many toxic managers can keep their jobs because they hide their unethical behavior. So keep an eye out for these subtle toxic boss warning signs:

 1. A toxic boss is overbearing and seeks to control everything.

One of the most typical toxic boss signs is micromanagement. Take note of what your boss does once you’ve been given a task — do they let you work on your own? Or do they want to be in charge all of the time and refuse to listen to what others have to say?

2. They utilize their power to absolve themselves of accountability.

 If your employer is quick to point the finger at you or others rather than finding a solution to the problem, you’re dealing with a toxic boss.

 To avoid taking responsibility, these managers would dump everyone under the boss. If you get good results, they’ll almost certainly claim credit for it.

 3. They are unconcerned about their employees’ well-being.

 The most poisonous managers are those who are unconcerned about their workers. They do not offer you the resources you require to complete your work. These are the bosses who have no idea what you’re up to.

There are many places where they do not take new employees so that they can keep the costs low.

4. Unrealistic Expectations

The unrealistic expectation is, most of the time, very common. They will give so much work and expect that you are done rapidly. They ignore or choose to ignore that you have a personal life and things to do outside of work.

They may even try to contact you on your day off, claiming to have ‘urgent’ work that can’t wait.

5. Favoritism And Bullying

You are certainly used to this situation if you have a toxic boss. The favorite employee will have access to supplementary resources normally unavailable to employees.

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How To Deal With A Toxic Boss

Several studies show that people are more likely to leave their managers than their companies. But as some have the possibility of leaving, many others can’t leave the job for many reasons…

1To Stay Or To Quit

When you are done figuring out if they are toxic or not, you now have to deal with them. The plan will depend on whether you want to leave or stay.

Leaving will be the easiest way to get rid of them… but make sure to have another job before leaving. You should have a plan before leaving; do not just quit.

2. Have Support At Work

If your manager is not a great leader, your colleagues probably know it. This is not a chance for you to gossip, but you can see your colleagues as a type of support.

They are the best to understand you as they are going through the same situation; it may make it more bearable.

It can be very frustrating to work for someone toxic, but you can try to keep your composure. Let us know in the comments if you have ever had to face a toxic boss…

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