Top 5 Tips To Make You More Competitive In The Job Market

The labor market is constantly changing. While some types of employment appear and grow in importance, others gradually disappear. Hence the importance for professionals to use strategies to stay up to date on several levels: skills, knowledge, network, and job search tools.

This will not only allow you to adapt quickly when needed but also increase your value in the eyes of your employer and potential employers (and therefore benefit from a better margin of negotiation and great opportunities). So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to be more competitive in the job market.

1. Improve your language skills

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Learning a new language is an exceptional skill to mention on your resume. This demonstrates your openness to not only the world but also your commitment to self-improvement and expanding your skills. It also makes you bankable, thanks to a positive correlation with higher earnings.

English is one of the most sought-after languages due to its global dominance and importance in global business, diplomacy, and academia, but there are many other “desired” languages”, among which Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish and German, which have millions of native speakers and strongly influence the world geopolitical and economic scene.

2. Live an intercultural experience

Whether it’s going to work abroad or studying in another country, broadening your horizons and experiencing a different culture will help you realize yourself as a human being. You will have faced challenges that are different from those you were used to, becoming more adaptable and creative in the way you solve problems and your approach to unexpected situations – all essential skills in today’s job market.

Studies also show that people who have lived abroad tend to develop a stronger sense of self, putting them in a better position to achieve their career goals and only apply for jobs that really interest them.

3. Complete your education

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In many fields, having a university degree will allow you to land a job and increase your income significantly. Sectors such as banking and finance, economics, politics, and business, in particular, often exclusively recruit university graduates for many positions. It is therefore essential to find a course that suits you perfectly.

And it’s not just the degree you get when you graduate that appeals to the employer; it’s also the fact that you’re able to work hard, solve problems, and think for yourself. Already have a university degree? Your studies should not stop there; Pursuing an education (online or at university – today, the options are truly endless) is a great way to keep expanding your skills.

4. Network

The saying “it’s not what you know that counts, it’s who you know” is only half true: brilliant studies, coupled with appropriate personal experience, is certainly essential, but when it is t is all about landing your dream job, it’s all about who you know. Networking, sometimes seen as a chore, is essential to growing your contact list.

Go to networking parties, sign up for conferences, and chat with everyone you meet (here are more tips for growing your network like a boss). Don’t forget to keep in touch with the most interesting people, even if you are not yet looking for a new job. You never know who, one day, might think of you for a given job and bring out your name to offer you a position.

5. Acquire professional experience in the relevant field

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How do you get your first job when every position requires prior skills and understanding? Find work experience or an internship. Do your research (use your network!) to discover internship offers in the field that interests you. You may have to give up your time for free and work your way up the ladder, but serving coffee, filing, or managing the social media of the company involved is the first step in the process.

Mentioning a few work experiences on your CV will make you more qualified for a full-time position than many other candidates fresh out of college. In addition, it will give you a very good overview of the professional trajectory taken before committing to a permanent job.

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